Friday, July 1, 2016

Five for Friday

It's another Friday y'all. As always I'm working on keeping up with my blogging and this Friday I'm dedicating myself to rejoin Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday.  

I've been busy this week so I have a lot to share. Here's my five:

First order of business, is my new patio set y'all.  Boy am I so happy to have finally purchased a new one.  Now I get to sit on my back porch in the morning with my green tea and breakfast and work away.  It's been so refreshing.

Neenah Astrobrights Bright Color Paper, 8 1/2in. x 11in., 24 Lb, FSC Certified, Terra Green, Ream Of 500 Sheets
 Y'all I finally, finally bought some Astro bright paper.  I found the 500 packs of solid color Astro Bright paper at Walmart for *drum roll please * $6.99.  What??? I grabbed 3 packs (orange, yellow and neon green).  I'm going back this week for more.

Rounding Clip Cards 3.NBT.1    Multiplication Clip Cards   Area and Perimeter Clip Cards
                Rounding TPT                       Multiplication TPT                         Area and Perimeter TPT                                              
Clip Cards!  My students fell in love with my clip cards this year.  I started using them in my math fact station and they wanted more.  I created a few more this week with plans to make more.  Check them out in my TPT store.

Teaching the Critical Vocabulary of the Common Core: 55 Words That Make or Break Student Understanding
Reading.  I've been reading this book this week. I plan to blog about how I plan to incorporate understanding these key vocabulary words into my Math and Science class.  This should be interesting.

Follow me on Pinterest
Last, but not least.  I found Pinterest y'all.  Yes, I knew what Pinterest was but I've never had a "store" account. Just a regular one. I create a store account today and have been reading up on everything I can on how to use Pinterest to drive my store sales.  It's been a great read.

Well that's my 5.  Off to vacation for the next 5 days.  So you already know my next 5 for Friday is going to be vacation photos and finds.  See ya then!


  1. Your clip cards look great! Enjoy your vacation!!

    Sailing into Third Grade

  2. OH I'm so jealous of that patio set! I'm coming over for a cup of tea! Congrats on your Pinterest business account. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Love your new patio set and the clip cards you created. I'll have to check them out!

    Team J's Second Grade Fun