Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dollar Tree Must Haves for the Classroom

It's almost that time again.  Time to get ready for school.  I told myself that I would relax this summer and not to anything school related until July.  Well it's almost July and I'm just about ready to dive into school. 

As I prepare myself to hit the stores before the rest of the teachers, I often consider my must haves.  The things that I seriously need.  I grab those first before they are gone.  The Dollar Tree is one of those stores in my area that most of the teachers hit.  I don't blame them because EVERYTHING in there is $1.  Makes my teacher bank account not feel so sad. LOL

Here are my must haves:

1. Multiplication and Division Flash Cards
        Assorted Math Flash CardsI teach 3rd grade Math and Science and these cards definitely keep my students actively engaged during down time.  These are great for early finisher activities, morning work group activities and dismissal fun.  

2.  Paper Clips and Binder Clips
Multicolor Plastic-Coated Paper Clips, 80-ct. PacksMetal Binder Clips, 8-ct. PacksI have an unhealthy obsession with paperclips and binder clips.  I feel like I need them for everything.  Paper clips are used in my classroom often to allow my students to keep up with their work for the week.  Binder clips I use to help me stay organized.  Click here to see how I transformed my binder clips last year to fit my classroom needs.

3. Supply Bins
  Rectangular Dry-Erase Plastic Locker Bins with HandlesThese supply bins are amazing for storing my community supplies for my classroom.  Add a cute label and my students know instantly where everything is.

4.  Plastic Caddies
Divided 3-Compartment Plastic Caddies These caddies work great for my tables supplies.  It holds everything my students need daily for learning and they are only $1.

5.  Carry Totes
  Colorful Oval Carry TotesThese carry totes have transformed my library and centers.  I have over 20 of these totes.  They hold my library books in an organized fashion.  They also allow my students to carry their center activities to their working space.  These help keep everything organized.

6. Clothes Pins
Because clip cards are my thing.  My students fell in love with my idea last year to make math fact station fun by creating Multiplication Clip Cards.  They enjoyed them so much that I created more and more clip card activities, which meant I needed more and more clothes pins.  They truly love them.  Check out the activities in my TPT store, by clicking on the pictures below.
Multiplication Clip Cards      Area and Perimeter Clip Cards   Rounding Clip Cards 3.NBT.1

7. Timers
Cooking Concepts Digital Kitchen TimersI use these timers for everything. Timing my students while working, while in stations, while in the bathroom and they are great for timing them during their weekly multiplication times test that you can also check out in my TPT store.

These are such amazing finds. Please share your must haves from Dollar Tree in the comments.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Last Week of 3rd grade Math...Getting Ready for 4th Grade

It's been a long year full year of learning.  Somehow we've managed to get through it and I couldn't be more proud of my students for mastering the 3rd grade standards with ease.  They did so well in Math this year that we've began tackling the beginning of the year 4th grade Math standards.  They were so excited to do this and was so amazed at how "easy" it was.  Here is what we did...

I decided to cover standards at the end of the year that were similar to the 3rd grade standards we teach.  This way my lower achieving students could get the remediation they needed and my on grade level and higher students could get the enrichment they needed.

Activity #1.... 4.NBT.2  Comparing Numbers

Students use shovels that have the < , > , = symbols on them to compare numbers.

Activity #2.... 4.NBT.3  Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping



Fun hands on center that only requires a dry erase marker and a paper clip.  Students spin the paperclip to find numbers to practice their addition and subtraction with regrouping skills.  They can then follow up with this beach themed worksheet.

Activity #3....4.NBT.4  Rounding to any place

This was so much fun.  Majority of my students struggled with rounding all year.  Around February, I decided to do a daily review of rounding even if it was just one number.  It definitely paid off.  They enjoy these rounding puzzle.

Activity #4.... 4.OA.5 Multiplying a 2 digit times a 1 digit

Yes, all of my students can multiply a 2 digit times a 1 digit number.  When they are fluent in their facts, its actually easy.  It's how I taught 10's, 11's and 12's...so everything else came easy.

Activity #5... 4.OA.5 Multiply a 2 digit number times a 2 digit number using any algorithm.


Surprisingly, I taught my higher students to do this standard using the method we learned.  It was so hard for them that way.  When I used this box method, their eyes lit up.  

Two sets of cards... One set has smaller numbers, while the other set has larger numbers.

Activity #6.... 4.OA.6 Division with and without remainders

This has been by far the most difficult standard. But they are enjoying the challenge.

See it in action and check it out on TPT by clicking the link here or clicking the photo.