Saturday, October 24, 2015

Making Math Work in 80 minutes

My first post in months!  I'm trying. LOL...I say that every post.  I have a hard time finding things to post about, but I thought this would be a good one.  How I make math workshop work in a departmentalized classroom.  I have 80 minutes to teach Math because I also teach Science.  My 80 minutes starts now....

10 minutes.... (Review)

I review previous concepts, a word problem or a prior knowledge concept using a 2-3 problem quick check activity.  I use Ashleigh's 3rd grade Math Practice sheets.  They do once section a day.

 5 minutes....(Fact Practice)
I started multiplication fact practice with students in August. We started at 0 and we worked out way up one fact at a time. We practice facts daily using a quick game or check from 

On Fridays, we take a 2 minute timed-test using my Fact Fluency Pack

20 minutes .... (whole group)
I was taught to use the gradual release model and that's pretty much how I teach.  I do an introduction to every lesson by reviewing the standard and the "I Can" statement.  I go over vocabulary for that day.  I introduce or review the math standard by creating an anchor chart with the students or going over the steps on the anchor chart and doing a practice problem on the Promethean board.

We do some guided instruction by doing some practice problems together on the board and having the students to help explain.

They do one or 2 problems at their groups on white boards and share out and then we are ready to move on.

I model the independent practice for that and they begin.

40 minutes ..... (guided groups)

While the students are working on (differentiated) independent work for 15 minutes, I work with my RTI math group during that time.

We use 5 minutes to clean up and get ready for work stations and do a quick model of them if they are new.

Students use the last 15-20 minutes of guided groups to work in differentiated math centers while I work with a guided group

5 minutes (closing)

We close math daily with a ticket out the door or math reflection question.  Students normally begin answering them once they are done with their center or independent work early.  I pull a stick and have one or two students to answer.  

That's my math block in nut shell.  The only time it changes is when we are testing or doing a quiz. Since my quizzes are short, they normally take their quizzes during independent work time so we don't disturb the rest of workshop time.  

Any questions?


  1. Wow!!! I am new in 3rd, so I try and learn all I can to make math fun and workable. Thank you for your routine!!!

    1. I am replying so late. I'm so glad this post was useful to you.