Saturday, October 24, 2015

Introducing Multiplication with

Every week I schedule a blog post in my planner.  Every week, I some how forget to do it.  This week I said, "Renee post something"!!! So I decided to share my exciting lessons this past week on introducing multiplication and incorporating literature into my Math lesson with this Amazing story, "Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream"....
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I started my new math unit on Tuesday which is Unit 2: Multiplication and Division.  I started on Tuesday introducing the lesson with a vocabulary lesson using the words: groups, arrays, product, and repeated addition.  My students watched a video from Learn Zillion.   

The lesson was followed up by an interactive notebook vocabulary math activity.

Day 2:  We reviewed the vocabulary as a class and we worked on creating groups and arrays using a dice game from my Introduction to Multiplication Pack

Day 3:  I introduced the story, "Amanda's Beans Amazing Dream". We watched the story on You tube to save time and used the actual book to do a picture walk to identify the different groups and arrays in the story.
I found this awesome FREEBIE activity from TPT that went along with the story. 

Day 4:  We reviewed the story and did another picture walk using the document camera.  Using the activity here, we created multiplication sentences and groups using those pictures.

Day 5:  We took our quiz on creating groups, arrays and using repeated addition.

The students absolutely loved this story.

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