Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Made It

I've been having quite a relaxing summer.  Haven't done much but I am definitely well rested.  I'm linking up today with 4th Grade Frolics for another Made It Monday.

One more week and I'm still not able to get into my classroom as of yet.  Renovations are still not complete.  I have been completing as much as I can at home.

The first thing I've done this summer is made a scope and sequence for all subjects.  Proper planning can't begin if you don't know what you are teaching.  I'm going to a new school this year and the district's website actually had their scope and sequence posted for everything but reading and grammar. Click the picture.


Ooooh, I love this next project.  I found the paper on here on Pinterest.  I had these binder clips already from Dollar Tree and got some Modge Podge from the Dollar Spot in Target and BAM.....
These were born.
I stuck them back in the back so they could dry.

 I decided to work on a rounding unit activity pack to go with our first math standard. 3.NBT.1 Rounding

You can check that out here on TPT also there is a Rounding Interactive Notebook Freebie here.

Lastly, I made these really cool Back 2 School Handbooks that I found here on TPT.  I took out some of the pages, added some clip art and edited one of the pages for a Meet the Teacher Page.  Bright colors hurt my eyes so I went with some pastel colored paper I had at home.  I love them.

One more thing I must share.  I have 2 pools in my community for residence use and this summer I have not gone swimming.  I went today and I actually got in the water to swim a few laps.  I'm not a swimmer, I was never officially taught how to swim but over the years I've taught myself a few techniques.  It's amazingly relaxing and I think I will try and make that apart of my routine at least 3 days a week until the close the pool after Labor Day.  :-)  

Good night!

Friday, July 17, 2015

How I Organize My Math Centers

I have been meaning to do this post for all week and I'm finally getting around to it.  Busy summer days for sure.  Anyway, I'm here in my living room organizing and decided to write a post on how I organize my math centers.  So here goes...

I just finished 10 years in the classroom and I have switched grades or classroom every single year.  Yes, I know!  It's a lot.  Having moved grades or classrooms every year, I have learned to not use the storage in my classroom as much and invest in my home.  It makes it easier to move every year.  I'm not a big fan of file cabinets so I resulted to using a binder.  

These pages are inside of sheet protectors labeled by math topic (addition, subtraction, time, etc).  I used tabs and stuck them on the front of the sheet protector (click the link to purchase from Amazon) that starts a new topic.  

How I organize my centers:
1.)  I start with these buckets I got from Target.  They were $2.89 each.  You can purchase them from Amazon here.

2.)  I printed out these labels that I made.  You can find the editable version in my TPT store or you can download this version here.

3.) I fill the buckets with everything that is needed to cover that unit.  Center activities, guided math materials, games, etc.

Here is some of the items inside of my Numbers and Base Ten Bucket...


4.) I also keep a folder in each bucket with any pre-test, post test or unit test that goes with the unit.

I store the buckets in the cabinets in my classroom until we get to the unit.  Once we get to the unit I pull the bucket and keep it in the math area.  That way when I finish with different centers and activities I can put them right back in the bucket instead of sitting it somewhere.

Any centers, games or materials that I had not used at the end of the unit goes into my sub tub or guided math bucket for review or RTI.

Works like a charm!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thirfy Finds Tuesday!!

I am an EdS student who has one more semester to go!  My summer has been wrapped up in literature synthesis, pre-research data and more research. Whew!  Summer Semester is OVER!!!!

Anywho, anyone who knows me, knows that I am a coupon-a-holic.  I love a good deal and thrifty finds.  I've been wanting to show off some of finds I've purchased over the summer.  By the way, my pictures are horrible. Ha!   But here goes:

1.)  Border...Last school year I went a whole month with a half done bulletin board because this aqua bordette was out of stock.  Someone ended up returning two and the store called me to come get it because they loved me OR they were tired of me calling everyday.  This year, I ordered two as soon as school got out. Whew!   $2.99 ea.  (no shipping because I shipped to the store). DONE!

You can find it here on Amazon for $2.69. Click here.

2.) These baskets were 3 for $1 at Target. Not sure what I will use them for, but I'm pretty sure they will come in handy for something.

3.)  The good LORD did not bless me with one OCD bone but I have pretty good organizational skills and I'm seriously ADHD.  This year I'm trying Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday buckets.  Got these from Target for $3 each.  

4.)  These stamps. I buy these stamps every year and since I buy them every year I guess I can pretty much say that I lose them every year too. Ha!  I'm going to have to hot glue these bad boys to my desk or something.  $3 at Target.

5.)  When you drop your phone so many times that there is a permanent blue streak in your camera.  LOL.  But these burlap banner is sooo cute.  I need to get another but I'm going to make some cute letters that say MATH and hot glue them on here for a cute sign.  $3 at Target and I need 4 more.

6.)  I'm big on interactive notebooks so that means I use a lot of glue.  Don't care which kind as long as it sticks.  These were $0.10 at Staples.  They only allow 5 per customer soooo, you guess it. I'm going everyday this week. Luckily I live behind a major shopping center so during my morning run, I'll run in there.

Oh and the crayola markers were $1

7.)  All the 4th of July items are 70% off at Staples, so I snagged the small blue ones for $1.50.  There are 3 in the pack.  The bigger one I paid $3 for at the beginning of summer. Seriously debating taking it back now and getting some more of the ones thats 70%. Don't judge me!

8.)  Stickers. That you can't see.  I'll change this picture later but the stickers say...Sign here.  You forgot your name.  Follow directions.  I only bought 3.  I'm buying 10 more.   $1 each at Target

9.) 6 chapter books of The Secret Garden. I got a small group set.  I'm looking forward to reading this with the kids.  $1 each at Target.

10.)  Of course aqua blue pocket charts I got from Target $1 each.  Picture coming soon!

So here are some great finds that I found.  What did you find?