Monday, June 15, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge!

Second blog post in a month!  That's progress.  I am definitely trying.  I am linking up with Emily from ThirdinHollywood for this awesome TPT Seller Challenge.  

The first thing we were asked to do was to record our initial stats.  Here's mines.

I'm overjoyed at my FB stats. That happened all on it's own.  I'm hoping to use that to increase my other stats by posting more to that site.  I do not have a Twitter.  Twitter was confusing for me when I had a personal account. I will have to look into it.  My TPT numbers should be higher for as long as I have been on there but I'm grateful and plan to increase.  Kuddos to Instagram. I just started Instagram this year and it's doing well. I love following other teachers as well. Great learning.  

Funny thing, I thought I had bloglovin' until I actually checked it and realized the blog it was linked to as been closed for over a year. I created a new blog and totally forgot to change it, so that number was up and went down to 0.  

Overall, I'm ready for the challenge. Here goes!

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