Saturday, October 24, 2015

Introducing Multiplication with

Every week I schedule a blog post in my planner.  Every week, I some how forget to do it.  This week I said, "Renee post something"!!! So I decided to share my exciting lessons this past week on introducing multiplication and incorporating literature into my Math lesson with this Amazing story, "Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream"....
                          Click here to purchase from Amazon

I started my new math unit on Tuesday which is Unit 2: Multiplication and Division.  I started on Tuesday introducing the lesson with a vocabulary lesson using the words: groups, arrays, product, and repeated addition.  My students watched a video from Learn Zillion.   

The lesson was followed up by an interactive notebook vocabulary math activity.

Day 2:  We reviewed the vocabulary as a class and we worked on creating groups and arrays using a dice game from my Introduction to Multiplication Pack

Day 3:  I introduced the story, "Amanda's Beans Amazing Dream". We watched the story on You tube to save time and used the actual book to do a picture walk to identify the different groups and arrays in the story.
I found this awesome FREEBIE activity from TPT that went along with the story. 

Day 4:  We reviewed the story and did another picture walk using the document camera.  Using the activity here, we created multiplication sentences and groups using those pictures.

Day 5:  We took our quiz on creating groups, arrays and using repeated addition.

The students absolutely loved this story.

Making Math Work in 80 minutes

My first post in months!  I'm trying. LOL...I say that every post.  I have a hard time finding things to post about, but I thought this would be a good one.  How I make math workshop work in a departmentalized classroom.  I have 80 minutes to teach Math because I also teach Science.  My 80 minutes starts now....

10 minutes.... (Review)

I review previous concepts, a word problem or a prior knowledge concept using a 2-3 problem quick check activity.  I use Ashleigh's 3rd grade Math Practice sheets.  They do once section a day.

 5 minutes....(Fact Practice)
I started multiplication fact practice with students in August. We started at 0 and we worked out way up one fact at a time. We practice facts daily using a quick game or check from 

On Fridays, we take a 2 minute timed-test using my Fact Fluency Pack

20 minutes .... (whole group)
I was taught to use the gradual release model and that's pretty much how I teach.  I do an introduction to every lesson by reviewing the standard and the "I Can" statement.  I go over vocabulary for that day.  I introduce or review the math standard by creating an anchor chart with the students or going over the steps on the anchor chart and doing a practice problem on the Promethean board.

We do some guided instruction by doing some practice problems together on the board and having the students to help explain.

They do one or 2 problems at their groups on white boards and share out and then we are ready to move on.

I model the independent practice for that and they begin.

40 minutes ..... (guided groups)

While the students are working on (differentiated) independent work for 15 minutes, I work with my RTI math group during that time.

We use 5 minutes to clean up and get ready for work stations and do a quick model of them if they are new.

Students use the last 15-20 minutes of guided groups to work in differentiated math centers while I work with a guided group

5 minutes (closing)

We close math daily with a ticket out the door or math reflection question.  Students normally begin answering them once they are done with their center or independent work early.  I pull a stick and have one or two students to answer.  

That's my math block in nut shell.  The only time it changes is when we are testing or doing a quiz. Since my quizzes are short, they normally take their quizzes during independent work time so we don't disturb the rest of workshop time.  

Any questions?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Made It

I've been having quite a relaxing summer.  Haven't done much but I am definitely well rested.  I'm linking up today with 4th Grade Frolics for another Made It Monday.

One more week and I'm still not able to get into my classroom as of yet.  Renovations are still not complete.  I have been completing as much as I can at home.

The first thing I've done this summer is made a scope and sequence for all subjects.  Proper planning can't begin if you don't know what you are teaching.  I'm going to a new school this year and the district's website actually had their scope and sequence posted for everything but reading and grammar. Click the picture.


Ooooh, I love this next project.  I found the paper on here on Pinterest.  I had these binder clips already from Dollar Tree and got some Modge Podge from the Dollar Spot in Target and BAM.....
These were born.
I stuck them back in the back so they could dry.

 I decided to work on a rounding unit activity pack to go with our first math standard. 3.NBT.1 Rounding

You can check that out here on TPT also there is a Rounding Interactive Notebook Freebie here.

Lastly, I made these really cool Back 2 School Handbooks that I found here on TPT.  I took out some of the pages, added some clip art and edited one of the pages for a Meet the Teacher Page.  Bright colors hurt my eyes so I went with some pastel colored paper I had at home.  I love them.

One more thing I must share.  I have 2 pools in my community for residence use and this summer I have not gone swimming.  I went today and I actually got in the water to swim a few laps.  I'm not a swimmer, I was never officially taught how to swim but over the years I've taught myself a few techniques.  It's amazingly relaxing and I think I will try and make that apart of my routine at least 3 days a week until the close the pool after Labor Day.  :-)  

Good night!

Friday, July 17, 2015

How I Organize My Math Centers

I have been meaning to do this post for all week and I'm finally getting around to it.  Busy summer days for sure.  Anyway, I'm here in my living room organizing and decided to write a post on how I organize my math centers.  So here goes...

I just finished 10 years in the classroom and I have switched grades or classroom every single year.  Yes, I know!  It's a lot.  Having moved grades or classrooms every year, I have learned to not use the storage in my classroom as much and invest in my home.  It makes it easier to move every year.  I'm not a big fan of file cabinets so I resulted to using a binder.  

These pages are inside of sheet protectors labeled by math topic (addition, subtraction, time, etc).  I used tabs and stuck them on the front of the sheet protector (click the link to purchase from Amazon) that starts a new topic.  

How I organize my centers:
1.)  I start with these buckets I got from Target.  They were $2.89 each.  You can purchase them from Amazon here.

2.)  I printed out these labels that I made.  You can find the editable version in my TPT store or you can download this version here.

3.) I fill the buckets with everything that is needed to cover that unit.  Center activities, guided math materials, games, etc.

Here is some of the items inside of my Numbers and Base Ten Bucket...


4.) I also keep a folder in each bucket with any pre-test, post test or unit test that goes with the unit.

I store the buckets in the cabinets in my classroom until we get to the unit.  Once we get to the unit I pull the bucket and keep it in the math area.  That way when I finish with different centers and activities I can put them right back in the bucket instead of sitting it somewhere.

Any centers, games or materials that I had not used at the end of the unit goes into my sub tub or guided math bucket for review or RTI.

Works like a charm!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thirfy Finds Tuesday!!

I am an EdS student who has one more semester to go!  My summer has been wrapped up in literature synthesis, pre-research data and more research. Whew!  Summer Semester is OVER!!!!

Anywho, anyone who knows me, knows that I am a coupon-a-holic.  I love a good deal and thrifty finds.  I've been wanting to show off some of finds I've purchased over the summer.  By the way, my pictures are horrible. Ha!   But here goes:

1.)  Border...Last school year I went a whole month with a half done bulletin board because this aqua bordette was out of stock.  Someone ended up returning two and the store called me to come get it because they loved me OR they were tired of me calling everyday.  This year, I ordered two as soon as school got out. Whew!   $2.99 ea.  (no shipping because I shipped to the store). DONE!

You can find it here on Amazon for $2.69. Click here.

2.) These baskets were 3 for $1 at Target. Not sure what I will use them for, but I'm pretty sure they will come in handy for something.

3.)  The good LORD did not bless me with one OCD bone but I have pretty good organizational skills and I'm seriously ADHD.  This year I'm trying Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday buckets.  Got these from Target for $3 each.  

4.)  These stamps. I buy these stamps every year and since I buy them every year I guess I can pretty much say that I lose them every year too. Ha!  I'm going to have to hot glue these bad boys to my desk or something.  $3 at Target.

5.)  When you drop your phone so many times that there is a permanent blue streak in your camera.  LOL.  But these burlap banner is sooo cute.  I need to get another but I'm going to make some cute letters that say MATH and hot glue them on here for a cute sign.  $3 at Target and I need 4 more.

6.)  I'm big on interactive notebooks so that means I use a lot of glue.  Don't care which kind as long as it sticks.  These were $0.10 at Staples.  They only allow 5 per customer soooo, you guess it. I'm going everyday this week. Luckily I live behind a major shopping center so during my morning run, I'll run in there.

Oh and the crayola markers were $1

7.)  All the 4th of July items are 70% off at Staples, so I snagged the small blue ones for $1.50.  There are 3 in the pack.  The bigger one I paid $3 for at the beginning of summer. Seriously debating taking it back now and getting some more of the ones thats 70%. Don't judge me!

8.)  Stickers. That you can't see.  I'll change this picture later but the stickers say...Sign here.  You forgot your name.  Follow directions.  I only bought 3.  I'm buying 10 more.   $1 each at Target

9.) 6 chapter books of The Secret Garden. I got a small group set.  I'm looking forward to reading this with the kids.  $1 each at Target.

10.)  Of course aqua blue pocket charts I got from Target $1 each.  Picture coming soon!

So here are some great finds that I found.  What did you find?

Monday, June 22, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Dare to Dream

Week 2 and I am linking up with Emily from ThirdinHollywood again for the TPT Seller Challenge.

This week's challenge is something that I've thought about a lot....

I make so much for my class and I rarely ever post some of them because it's not "seller worthy" and I've thought about whether or not it was worth it to make them prettier, edit them and update them.

I put so much time into the things I make and create, I began thinking about how this could benefit me.  How I can continue to do this, something I truly enjoy and make it easier for other teachers to practice their craft?  

I'm was that teacher that grew up in the inner city.  I was born and raised in Washington, DC and attended DC Public Schools.  I was born to young parents who weren't quite ready to be parents so there was no college fund or many funds to begin with.  My siblings and I were separated and I was raised with aunts.  I was the first person on both sides of my family to attend college.  I graduated high school with $33,000 in scholarship money.  Four degrees later, I am drowning in debt.

I am also a single mom to my most precious gift, my daughter.  My world! My girl!  However, single motherhood while attending school all these years has put my number on speed dial with the credit card companies.

As much as I pay for rent in my 2 bedroom duplex apartment, I'm pretty sure I can afford a home, however my credit is dead. It might as well not exist.

So what are my dreams for goes!

1. PAY OFF DEBT:  Debt was at one point the biggest stress in my life.  I wish I could've started life off debt free but unfortunately that wasn't the hand I was dealt.  I've learned there is no point in stressing over the things we can't change, and focus on what I can do, no matter how little.  TPT can help me pay off debt.  For right now, its keeping me out of adding more debt so that's always a plus.

2. OWN A HOME: As much money as I pay for rent, moving expenses etc. I know I can afford a home.  I just can't come up with the down payment or the credit score to purchase one. I grew up in a house and would love for my daughter to have a home to grow up in.  

3. COLLEGE FOR MY DAUGHTER:, even with scholarships, college has left me in so much debt.  It is my dream to pay for at least one of my daughter's degrees. If college is not her route, I would like to be able to help her get started in life debt free.

4.  BUY A NEW CAR:  I got my first car, bought by my auntie when I was 19 years old in college.  13 years later, I have still yet to be able to afford my own brand new car.  I'm on car #3 and its another used car.  2 years old when I bought it, but 1 month old is better.

5.  Lastly, I want to be able to live frugally as I already do and travel the world.  I want to be the one to take my daughter out of the country and on cruises.  Growing up I was blessed that my aunt was a traveler and I've been to many places as a child.  I want to be able to provide that for my daughter.  She's been quite a few places by car but that Disney Cruise and Bahamas is sure looking some trips we would like to take.

Lastly, I didn't add but when that special someone does come along (please LORD send me a husband), I want to be debt free, stress free and able to have the very small wedding of my dreams.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge Week 1: Makeover Madness

Whew!  After two days, I am finally finished with my makeover.  No I did not go to to MAC and get beautified.  Instead, I linked up with Emily of ThirdInHollywood for this week's challenge.

This week's challenge was to pick a product from my TPT store to makeover.  I easily chose one of my first products and one of my best sellers.

This authors purpose product is outdated with bad graphics and polka dots. However, it is my 2nd best seller so it definitely needed an updated.  

It now looks like this:

I love the update!  It looks new and inviting and it screams, "I'm worth purchasing".  I added an extra interactive notebook page for the students to practice.  I added a picture to show the finished the product and instructions on how to put it together. Go Me!

Hop on over to see them all!

Monday, June 15, 2015

City Girl in Third: TPT Seller Challenge!

City Girl in Third: TPT Seller Challenge!: Second blog post in a month!  That's progress.  I am definitely trying.  I am linking up with Emily from ThirdinHollywood for this aweso...

TPT Seller Challenge!

Second blog post in a month!  That's progress.  I am definitely trying.  I am linking up with Emily from ThirdinHollywood for this awesome TPT Seller Challenge.  

The first thing we were asked to do was to record our initial stats.  Here's mines.

I'm overjoyed at my FB stats. That happened all on it's own.  I'm hoping to use that to increase my other stats by posting more to that site.  I do not have a Twitter.  Twitter was confusing for me when I had a personal account. I will have to look into it.  My TPT numbers should be higher for as long as I have been on there but I'm grateful and plan to increase.  Kuddos to Instagram. I just started Instagram this year and it's doing well. I love following other teachers as well. Great learning.  

Funny thing, I thought I had bloglovin' until I actually checked it and realized the blog it was linked to as been closed for over a year. I created a new blog and totally forgot to change it, so that number was up and went down to 0.  

Overall, I'm ready for the challenge. Here goes!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Currently in June!

It's super late (1am) and I'm up so I decided to blog hop.  Came across Farley's currently post and decided, "hey should I join" and so I did...

Summer goal: Stay on top of blogging.....check

Anyway, I'm linking up with Farley tonight for June Currently

I am currently listening to Criminal Minds in the background as I work online.

I am loving my brand new HP Office Pro printer and loving that I got to join the HP Ink Program. I will definitely be using this to print new engaging centers for my students this year.

Ending week 2 of summer vacation and I am already thinking about what I need to do for next year. I'm going to a new district and a new school and I'm currently thinking about what I need to prepare over the summer to be prepared for my adventure in 3rd grade.

I am looking around at the all the organizing and deep cleaning I need to do in this house and I am currently wanting to hire a maid.

I lost 6 lbs in April and May and I've gained 3 of it back since I've been on break :-(. I am currently needing to stick to my healthy not skinny diet plan and eating correctly. It's a struggle but I need to lose 20-30 more pounds.

It's Summer...Summer...Summertime.  This summer I'm going to be love, love, love the beach and spending some happy hour time with my best friend.

Enjoy your June!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Five for Friday!!

It's been awhile, but I'm going to try this blogging thing again.

I'm linking up with Doodle Bug Teaching for yet another Five for Friday and guess what, I actually did five things today!

I got a lot planned this summer and this fall.  So my 1st Five for Friday is........

So after a long debate in my head, I decided to buy a Plum Paper Planner from Etsy.  I'm so excited for it to arrive.

This isn't mines, just a picture.  I debated for awhile on whether to get an Eric Codren or Plum Paper Planner. After several youtube videos and hours of going back and forth, I chose Plum Paper Planner and I'm so excited.  

I am super excited to be going to a new school district this year.  As I begin to prep, I decided I needed a new printer. 

This is the HP Office Pro 6830 and it originally cost $179.99. I got this bad boy on sale for $79 at Office Depot. It came with colored and black ink and I joined HP's amazing ink program.

Today, I got all teary eyed as I watched my baby perform during her dance class.
Super duper proud of my baby. She did an awesome job and yes I shed a few tears. My only baby girl is growing up! I just can't!

Wondering if I have done anything school related. Well NO!  OK, yes I did.

I managed to get done, my SS and Grammar scope and sequence for next year. This way I can prepare and begin planning for next year.

 Five is something so great there is no picture.  I've committed myself to blogging, for real! I'm working on it and this year I'm going to really try to post something to this blog at least once a week.