Monday, August 4, 2014

Made It Monday 8/4/14

Let's go!  I'm so excited about linking up again with 4th Grade Frolics for this Made It Monday.  It's been awhile and I did not work all on anything school related all summer long.  I am definitely playing catch up right now!

So here goes:

My banner.....yes!  I was so excited to make this banner.  It is now hanging over my guided reading table at work and I love it.  

My Beach to School TPT Product you can get here.  6 back to school literacy and math centers that review basic kindergarten skills.

I made this awesome numbers and base ten time line.  I do plan to go back through it and change the colors up.  Maybe some pink and green.

These awesome name tags I made for my students.  These are gonna be so cool and I did make them in two colors.

Well thats all!  I'm going to make a teacher schedule, reading focus board signs and who knows what else.

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