Saturday, May 10, 2014

First Five for Friday since February

Awesome Alliteration! I know!

I can't believe I have not touched my blog since February. #1 goal on my list is to post at least once a week. We shall see.

I've been up to a lot, of course.  I'm a teacher.  But seriously! My world has been extra busy.  10 more days of school and I feel like my life is becoming normal again.

This week I've decided to jump back, a day late of course and link up with DoodleBug for another Five for Friday.

I have actually been doing a lot at home and school.  Let's see!

But first!  Whoop! Whoop!  Look at these scores.  First year in 3rd grade and 20 out of 24 of my babies passed the Reading CRCT!!!  #mybigbabies

Organizing!  I have a phobia of closed doors and file cabinets, so I use plastic file bins to store all my centers and stuff.  Yes, I have plenty!  I've been spending the week organizing them. 

I use translucent file boxes, hanging files and organize similar to this.  The only difference is I organize by topic and not standard.  So it says Adjectives, Adverbs, etc.  I have one box for Reading (comprehension, vocabulary, monthly activities), one for Language Arts (grammar, phonics, writing), Science and Social Studies.

It's not separated by grade.  It just has it all in there which makes it easy for differentiation.  My low group this year really benefited from having my 1st grade centers right on hand.

Washing clothes.  I'm having family in town next weekend for my daughters kindergarten graduation and I'm cleaning as in (sitting on the couch and watching tv).

Pinterest. Already thinking of new ideas for my classroom next year.

Come closer!  Our little secret.  I made drinks for company this weekend.  OMG! So good.  A little pineapple juice, fresh pineapple and strawberry.  Great adult drink for a nice weekend.

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