Saturday, February 15, 2014

Transformation to better Organization

Nine years of teaching; 4 different grades.  I have managed to accumulate a lot of different items, especially centers.  I currently have all my PreK themes and centers stored in a crate in my closet at home.  I have all my 1st and 3rd grade math centers in containers labeled by domain on a shelf in my classroom.  My literacy centers are all combined and they are stored in these bins I got from Office Depot.

I have always stored my literacy, social studies and science centers in the containers above.  I have hanging folders that are labeled and manilla folders for extra worksheets and actual center activities in freezer bags and I just drop them in.

However lately I notice that the plastic is a bit overwhelming.  My literacy container is sooo stuffed and all the plastic kind of frustrates me. Then I go grab a bag, pull it the wrong way and what happens, all the pieces for out.  So frustrating! I have been seeking a new way to store my centers, then I found this:
common core math centers based around math manipulatives

I have about 50 of these envelopes in my classroom right now that was donated to me.  They have a company name on them but once I paste the cover sheet on you won't even see it.  These will fit so much better into my hanging files and they wont require me to look through plastic.   My students can work, put everything back in and when I'm done, I can just file it away.

I search around and found that I can get a box of 100 envelopes from Amazon for $9.99.  This will allow me to slowly reorganize all my centers in a more organized fashion.

I use these file tote containers from Office Depot.  You can usually find them on sale for $8.  They come in colors too.

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