Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Adventures of Paul Revere - WOW Wednesday

My WOW Wednesday.  I'm linking up with Em Hutchison at Curious Firsties for her WOW Wednesday.

My Wednesday is my new found love for Social Studies Centers and actually completing my first pack. Something that I have never done is make center time available during science and social studies.  However, teaching 3rd grade this year has definitely taught me to do that.  The 4th grade and 5th grade teachers at my school are departmentalized.  I talked with the Science/Social Studies teacher to see what she does.  I liked it, so I tried it and guess what?  It works!  I introduce a lesson, vocabulary and skills one day.  I teach the next day or two and I prepare 2 days worth of center activities.
-Vocabulary matching
- Fact/Opinion or Cause and Effect
- Character Traits
- Reading Fluency and Comprehension

Doing this as definitely improved my Science and Social Studies scores.

Here is Georgia we study 9 Historical Figures, which I found out are heavily tested on our state test.  I started making these Historical Figure Center Packs.

Here is my first one:

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