Friday, February 14, 2014

Five for Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!  While other people are happy for the weekend. I'm more excited that week is actually ending.  I have been out since Tuesday for snow days.  Thursday and Friday this week were actual break days and we are off Monday. I can't take it!!!!
So no cute Valentine's Day post for us....We missed it but I will make it up and surprise my big babies when I get back to work on Tuesday.

I am linking up this week, for the first time, with DoodleBugs for her Five for Fridays.

Well let's see...It actually did not snow as they predicted on Tuesday but they had already cancelled school.  So Tuesday was out of school for rain day.  I went to the grocery store, Macy's, and just did a little shopping.
Is Macy’s a Good Investment at the Moment? - Insider Monkey

The ice and snow did eventually come....I worked on some unfinished packs that I would need for some upcoming centers.

I look at the blogs and you all classrooms are so large and organized.  My classroom is so small and cluttered.  So I browsed Pinterest for new organization ideas.  I love this one.

I bought these last year to do the grade, file, copy thing. Nope didn't work.  But I could so eliminate some buckets and compile all our supplies.  I do have a cutter so I will go by Hobby Lobby to get some sticky letters.

I finished the classes for my 2nd masters in October 2012.  My degree has not been conferred because of these last 5 portfolio assignments I need to complete.  I am using my breaks to complete them.  I'm making myself be done by summer.

Finally, today I am taking my daughter out the house to Monkey Joe's. A fun house full of bouncers so she can release some of this energy.  They have wi-fi so I can still work, eat pizza and drink coke.  Fun times!
Monkey Joe

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