Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday : Dream Classroom

I am linking up with Courtney from Swimming Into Second, again this week for Top Ten Tuesday.  Yes, I know it is Wednesday.  On yesterday I started the post, got all the way to #10, hit the wrong key and deleted the entire post.  My motivation was gone.  So here I am today trying again.  

My school is old and I always think about what I would do If I could redesign my classroom. Here is my new 3rd grade classroom
My new redesigned classroom would have:

1. More Space

Our classrooms are so small.  What you see above is it. I was standing at the front of the room by the door and you can see straight through.  I can't imagine having to fit 24 big 3rd graders in that room. The rooms on this hall are much smaller than the Kindergarten/1st grade were I was.

2. Tables
I dislike the idea of having desk, especially the ones we have.  They are old, uneven, unstable and gross.  It grosses me out to think of what can be hiding in them and what the kids will stuff in them when Im not looking. I would really prefer to have tables.

3. Classroom Library
How could you not want to read in a classroom library that looks like this. Oh how I wish I had that space.

4. Locker/Cubbies
Yes, Im moving to 3rd grade but my kiddies still need somewhere to put there stuff.  We just have hooks, that are never enough and not big enough to hold a bookbag and jacket.  Cubbies would be perfect.

5.  Bullentin Boards
You would think that with the amount of mandatory stuff we must have up, that we have somewhere to put it. NOT!  I have 1 large and 1 small bullentin board. And wouldn't you know.  The large bullentin board is above the only place in the classroom with plugs and the computers have to go right in front of it, which makes it not so useful. 

6.  iPads
I would not need more bullentin boards if we could get rid of those bulky computers and get some iPads.  Atleast a small group set for the class.  We have one iPad cart but its for the entire school.

7.  A printer
Yes, I said that.  A working color/black and white printer per classroom.  Printing is so hard to do at work.  We have maybe one working printer per grade level that we are all routed too.  It only prints black and white and once the ink runs out. Thats it!  It's 2 color printers in the entire school for staff.  One behind the stage and one in the computer (that we have to sneak and use). 

8.  Bug Free

I won't post a picture of bugs because the freak me out.  My school is in a very wooded area and you guessed it.  Summer and Spring brings out those dreaded cockroaches.  GROSS!!!  I just know I will be sweeping up some when i get back.

9.  Carpet
Scroll up to look at the picture of my classroom.  Now scroll back down and tell me where are we supposed to have whole group time, library reading or centers.  There isn't enough room to designate places for centers and we have hard cold tile floors.  I desperately need a carpet. PreK-2 have carpet. Upper grades do not. I feel discriminated against. LOL

10. Windows
Scroll back up and look at my classroom.  That light is shining through what I call the jail cell window.  Every classroom has 1 really small window so the classroom do not have much natural light at all. Sucks for their electric bill because I would so prefer to have natural light than those bright fluorescent things in the ceilings.

Overall, I love my tiny school with less than 50 staff members probably less than 40.  Old or not, we make it work.  I will say we have white boards and smart boards attached to the white board.  And we just got new ones last year.


  1. I agree! Having iPads in the classroom would be very beneficial to our students!

  2. I was searching dream classrooms and stumbled upon your post.
    My staff have #5 and that is it! The other 8 are non-existent.
    Desks that are like yours but plastic where yours are wood-they always break. Windows that face hallways, other classes or the indoor playground.
    They also don't have computers in the classes and rooms are sprayed daily for bugs. As for space... the classes fit 20 to 25 desks, a teacher's desk and 2 short shelves for kids books. Bags are lined up along the wall outside the classrooms.
    One white board but no smart boards and one oddly placed bulletin board at the back of the room. No room to even change the desks around, rows only.

    My daughter was in one of the classrooms last year, her 3rd year and going on to 4th she will be in another just like it. I've learned to literally not judge a book by its cover. What goes on inside is more important than how it looks. Of course it would be great for her to be in a big dream classroom but when given the chance to change schools she refused. She likes the school community too much.

    I hope that makes you feel at least a bit better about your new room. I'd love to see what you have done with it.