Saturday, May 11, 2013

Four Types of Sentences

The end of the school year is approaching. YAY!!!!!  I'm so excited.  I so need a break.  I have worked really hard this year with Common Core and I need the summer to create new center activities for my students.    Next year I plan to have at least two copies of everything so students can partner up and not have to share amongst four people. 

Anyway, my firsties have been reviewing the four types of sentences.  I initially taught them as telling, command, question and exclamatory, then I actually looked at the standard and saw the real names and thought oops!  During our review week, I went back and revisited the four types of sentences with an awesome PowerPoint I found online and I created this cool center for them to practice with.  They enjoyed it and they got it.  The funniest part was hearing my firsties try and say, "interrogative".  LOL  Click here to get this center on TPT


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